Find the Solution to Your Hair Loss

At Hair Options, Inc., our natural hair loss solutions for men are virtually undetectable to the human touch and eye. Your results will give you confidence in knowing that your hair is natural so you can live your life the way you want. Swim, exercise, play—live your life without letting your hair loss control your life.

A private consultation with a specialist can answer all of your questions in confidence. You deserve to know all of your options, and we are here to help you know what they are.

What is Virtual Reality?

It’s now available to everyone as Virtual Reality. Clients have the seamless perfection that you’ve seen on the screen. There’s no daily maintenance and Hair Options, Inc. takes full responsibility for maintaining a cosmetic realism never before possible, every minute of every day.

  • No bumps, lumps or ridges
  • No worrying about bright lighting
  • No worrying about rain
  • No checking the mirror every five minutes
  • Style any way you want
  • No daily maintenance
  • Hair Options, Inc. takes care of everything
  • Wherever you go nationwide, a Virtual Reality salon is nearby to help you
  • You’re always going to look great 24/7!




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